a brief history of Trinity and "the machinery":

Trinity was manufactured in Korea at the beginning of 2004. After being inspected by H. K. Lee, she was shipped to Germany and bought by the singer of sine. Since then she was played together with Renade.
Well, what's there to say? Things went pretty good so short time later their possessors decided to form a band and become rich.
But there were some things about Trinity that didn't fit her master, so he made some electronical and mechanical changes to improve her sound, flexibility and look: He built in new Pickups with a custom pickup-switching and eq circuit and a pre amp. All electric parts and areas were shielded with a high conductive copper coat. Her whammy bar was replaced by a threaded rod and the poti knobs were replaced as well. Now she sounded and looked better than ever and finally her master felt perfectly comfortable with his instrument.

At the same time he began to assemble "the machinery": A MIDI-switchable amp was followed by several modulation effects, reverb and delay pedals, wah, an equalizer, a noise gate, a self-made sustainer and an also self-made custom MIDI switching system.
Of course Trinity appreciated every extension because they widened her range of sounds.

Some time later, her master wanted more; even more than Trinity was able to give to him. So he borrowed a synthesizer from a friend and added it to his setup. Trinity was kind of jealous of course, but she knew that her master would never love this instrument as much as he loved her...

In the meantime the band had decided, that Trinity's master should be the (lead) singer, so he bought a microphone.

A year or so went by before the borrowed synthesizer was finally replaced by a mighty VA synthesizer, providing even higher potential for messing around with crazy sounds. Later on that synthesizer was updated with the ability to play samples as well - now it's range of sounds was just incredible!

Using different tunings was unfortunately very complicated because of Trinity's FR vibrato-system, so her master found himself forced to acquire another guitar that enabled him to do so: Alice, a white 6-string-through-body guitar was bought (and electrically improved with a custom pickup-switching circuit, new potentiometers and proper shielding).
Now Trinity stood in line with a second guitar, a synthesizer, a microphone and the mighty "machinery", but still she felt confident to be the undisputed number one.

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